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The University Archives Centre collects and makes accessible the institutional archives of London South Bank University (LSBU) and the institutions that it was amalgamated from. We hold material tracing LSBU’s history from its foundation as the Borough Polytechnic Institute in 1892 to the present day. We are an Accredited Archives Service.

Enquiries and Visiting the Archives

The University Archives Centre is open to all LSBU students as well as staff and external researchers and we welcome all research visits.

We are happy to answer enquiries on the history of the University and the items we hold, however we are unable to carry out extensive research. Please see our contact page for more information.

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This week #ArchiveHoliday is #HolidayFashion We think we have a classic of the genre here - clogs on a trip to the Netherlands in 1957! LSBUArchives photo

#HolidayTransport could be a long train journey, here is the scrapbook page describing the trip to Austria in 1960. Ferry to Ostend, then train to Brussels, Aachen, Köln, Nuremburg, Passau, Linz and Vienna.
For fun - does anyone have any #ArchiveHoliday photos of those places?
LSBUArchives photo

#ArchiveHoliday this week is looking at #HolidayTransport so here is the Kronprincesse Ingrid and details of how the Bakery School party travelled to Esbjerg in 1959. LSBUArchives photo